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MOTIVACTION – Third transnational meeting in Bordeaux


MOTIVACTION – Third transnational meeting in Bordeaux

by | Dec 13, 2022 | Actuality | 0 comments

Insup hosted the MotivAction partnership: Motivating low-skilled adults to access skills upgrading pathways to employability through the use of digital technology on 10 and 11th October 2022 in its premises in Bordeaux.

9 countries make up this Erasmus+ partnership coordinated by Sweden.

The partners have developed an online course around three main areas of competences : user skills, organisational skills and planning skills and provide guidance counsellors and users with multiple tips and resources, available in several languages on the MotivAction project website.

The partners launch the national pilot phase by 10 guidance counselors / 20 adult jobseekers. 

During these two collaborative days, Insup organised a workshop led by its digital service. They presented their card game called Partage2Co, whose objective is to improve the digital skills of any person in a situation of “digital precariousness” through play. The practice consists of a pack of cards (32 cards), on which – thanks to a QR code – users will be able to enter a software application that will provide them with information, resources and training to increase their digital skills and autonomy. 

Insup also presented to the partners the work of the expert group of the European Agenda for Adult Education (AEFA), to which it contributes, and in particular the guide: Advocacy for a digital referent within organisations.  The guide proposes concrete ways forward: a focus on the function of the digital referent and resources for taking action. The group of experts will develop a reference framework for the digital referent in 2023. 

The guide (in French) can be downloaded from the AEFA website.


Corinne Lafitte, Director of Cap Métiers Nouvelle Aquitaine, presented the main missions of the Regional Agency for Guidance, Training and Employment and the services/resources offered to guidance professionals. 

The partners will meet in early February 2023 in Stockholm, Sweden.