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The 4th MotivAction transnational meeting in Stockholm


On the 6th and 7th of February 2023, the partners of the Erasmus + project MotivActionMotivate low-skilled adults to access skill-enhancing pathways, guaranteeing employability, via the use of digital technologymet for two days of work in the Swedish capital: Stockholm. Each partner reported on the first feedback from the pilot phase in their country.

Igitego, the Swedish coordinator of the project also invited two local actors:

  • The Bilda Association, one of the main adult education associations active in Sweden. Mr S. Lundmark and Ms Y. Alsammour presented some of their schemes to help adult learners who are far away from the digital world to acquire new skills.
  • Brett Roper, consultant, is currently working for the Swedish Public Employment Service and proposes a new methodology based on the analysis of job seekers’ behavior, to identify barriers and gaps preventing them from accessing employment.

The partners are continuing their work which they will present at the final conference in Rome in June 2023.