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SELF I – What impact on INSUP’s professional practices and skills development?


The SELF project – Self-empowerment of guidance advisors and VET trainers for the promotion of social inclusion of refugees, asylum seekers and adults in career transition – was built around 3 ambitions :

  • The development of the skills of professionals in charge of vocational guidance, advice for groups at risk of exclusion, migrants and asylum seekers.
  • The identification of transversal and transferable skills considered as fundamental to work and support vulnerable audiences and highlight their relevance to practices.
  • Giving the operators, staff, experts of organizations involved in these activities the appropriate supports, tools including training, guidelines, orientations, and recommendations.

The Italian coordinator Aspic Lavoro, an association supporting vulnerable and migrant groups, and its partners HdBA (German University of the German Employment Agency), EOPPEP (Greek certification and vocational guidance body), INSUP Formation have been working for 2 years (2017-2019) to produce a compendium of good support and guidance practices.

After two years of joint work, exchanges of methods and tools, meetings with local actors in France, Germany and Italy, the partners of the SELF I project are taking stock.

What impact on INSUP’s professional practices and skills development ?

Four of our employees took part in this project:

  • our 3 Trainers Julie Rullac (Agen), Camille Benquet (Biganos), Claire Salardenne (Bordeaux Métropole) ;
  • Anne Larramendy, European Project Officer.

The multidisciplinary approach of the participants : Psychologists, vocational and career guidance practioners, learning providers, trainers, Researchers, University Professors has been an enormous added value.

Initially, the expertise of Aspic Lavoro’s Psychologists in accompanying and advising migrants draw NSUP’s attention. Our trainers, who do not have this background as Psychologists, underline the need to better understand the public and their psychosocial problems. Thanks to the feedback from some partners, a first level of knowledge was provided, particularly on the phases of the “trauma” and the necessary consideration of social anxiety.

The work of the German HdBA Researchers on the Education / Training systems of migrants’ countries of origin such as Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria… has been reinvested in the European Migratory Musics  project through the country sheets that our  Anne Larramendy and Marie José Duranton (trainer at Bègles) have produced to feed the parent-teacher communication guide.

Finally, the discovery and appropriation of new tools such as the CMinar training content, the European tool for profiling the skills of third-country nationals “Early Profile Tool”, MCI (Multicultural awareness inventory), and immediately transferable facilitation techniques (PLIE’ s training activities in Agen or the RéAgir project), are direct results of this project.

During the  assessment phase, our INSUP employees retain from this experience “the importance of taking distance from their daily lives, of questioning their practices, of enriching their support”. They particularly appreciated “working in a multicultural, caring environment“, the opportunity for some to “overcome language barriers and develop fluency in speaking and writing in English“.

Now, the objective for our organization is to capitalize on these 2 years. The various contents and tools must be translated in french before  internal dissemination.

All partners  are confident in building new projects together. The Greek partner EOPPEP and INSUP are currently working on a cooperation contract for the provision of AKI transversal skills development tools in Greece.